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ExecuSmart provides organizations with a unique competitive advantage: better data, leading to better decisions, leading to better people.

ExecuSmart tools are created by the Executive Assessment Institute, a leader in the field of human capital analytics, founded in 1996.

The EAI’s mission is to create and deliver intelligent data-driven talent management tools and services, ultimately enhancing an organization’s financial performance.

Using ExecuSmart tools will provide you and your organization with top-level industry-proven assessments, resulting in better analytic data to achieve the greatest return from your human capital.

Do you have the best leadership team possible?
EAI can help.

The Executive Assessment Institute has been helping organizations build the best leadership teams possible for over 20 years, working analytically to understand leadership team alignment and functionality. Over this time, we have developed three specific processes: the Team Impact Builder®, the Strategic Alignment Process©, and the Partnering Process. Each are designed to resolve specific problems that often exist with leadership teams of all kinds.

After working with over 1,000 teams, EAI has found these processes to effectively drive team functionality and team impact in unparalleled ways. The ROI across over 100 case studies has proven to be profound, as we have consistently been able to link team functionality with financial performance and other critical organizational outcomes.

Team Impact Builder®

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If your team has a challenge with team functionality, the Team Impact Builder® is the process to begin with.

Over twenty years ago, EAI joined the research tradition which sought to understand the linkage between leadership team performance and organizational performance.

We specifically examined the critical relationship of enabling leadership teams with feedback about their functionality, and financial performance.

The Team Impact Builder® is the product of that effort and is completely built upon this scientific link.

“Through the Team Impact Builder® process and the follow-on work done with our various hospital teams, we were able to drive clinical quality and financial performance that we always should have been able to achieve. We could not have done it without the ExecuSmart Team Impact Builder®”.

Steve Corbiel

President, HCA’s TriStar Health System

EAI has found that the core of team functionality can be driven through the Team Impact Builder®. The TIB drives:

The Team Impact Builder® enables teams to focus on these key team functions. By applying these foundations, teams can create opportunities to cause significant positive organizational change and organizational outcomes, regardless of the type of organization they lead.

Strategic Alignment Process©

While the Team Impact Builder® provides an understanding of strategic consensus, it will not provide a clean grasp of specific areas of disagreement or misalignment within leadership teams. Understanding team misalignment is extremely important and has to be addressed in a profound and specific way.

The Strategic Alignment Process© has been designed to illuminate those specific areas of misalignment within leadership teams. As a completely customized process, the SAP goes beyond simply understanding consensus or shared strategic cognition — it decisively helps teams understand the key areas of alignment and misalignment within their own leadership, in order to aid the team development process.

The Strategic Alignment Process© begins with the EAI working alongside a team leader (and/or other key identified team member[s]), to design a customized Strategic Alignment Survey, assuring that all key aspects of alignment are covered:

These areas are then customized specifically for each client. They are developed using the client’s language, and incorporating all client-specific information necessary. Only the Strategic Alignment Process© allows for this type of a specifically targeted understanding of strategic misalignment in which the team might engage.

The Partnering Process

When two large organizations come together to do something, it can be both an exciting and critical part of long-term sustainability for both organizations. This is especially true for organizations that come together as owners and contractors to build large projects, such as power plants.

Entergy, a large public utility, and Chicago Bridge & Iron, a large construction contractor, agreed to work together to build a series of large power plants in the Southeastern United States.

With large complex construction programs, there are significant challenges that often exist, and there is a need to assure that both the owner teams and the contractor teams are aligned with each other.

Since alignment plays such a critical role in making sure that such large projects are successful, previous experience demonstrated to both these organizations the need for customized partnering and alignment.

By engaging in EAI’s Partnering Process, they were able to create the right level of alignment between them, as they successfully worked to complete over $2 billion dollars of work.

As Jon Long, the VP of Capital Projects for Entergy, noted, “EAI’s strong ability to partner with both us and CB&I allowed us the opportunity to understand our level of alignment, and work toward alignment in the most logical way.

“The difference between our past and current projects has simply been, financially and quality-wise, staggering.”

When the jobs are big, the cost of mistakes can be huge. That’s why properly aligned relationships between partnering organizations are critical.

EAI’s Partnering Process is designed to deliver Client Alignment and Partnering in a meaningful way. Having been used with some of the largest projects and client relationships in the world, over 100 construction projects have trusted our process to deliver a proper understanding of alignment, as well as target efforts in which to develop alignment and partnering.

Our approach has been proven to powerfully impact both safety and schedule on construction projects. In other types of environments, such as large procurements of key assets, the Partnering Process has proven time and again to be a valuable resource to help get work done through the cooperation of clients and providers.

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