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ExecuSmart provides organizations with a unique competitive advantage: better data, leading to better decisions, leading to better people.

ExecuSmart tools are created by the Executive Assessment Institute, a leader in the field of human capital analytics, founded in 1996.

The EAI’s mission is to create and deliver intelligent data-driven talent management tools and services, ultimately enhancing an organization’s financial performance.

Using ExecuSmart tools will provide you and your organization with top-level industry-proven assessments, resulting in better analytic data to achieve the greatest return from your human capital.

Are you able to specifically measure your leaders’ behaviors? You can with ExecuSmart.

The Context Based 360° Leadership Assessment (c360°) is designed to drive leadership performance through leader behavior feedback. While most 360s are generalized assessments, they lack behavioral specificity that allows leaders to make specific adjustments.

The c360° Advantage

Built on scientifically validated leadership styles and leader behaviors from leadership literature, this pinpoint feedback about leader behavior expectations and needs are the foundation of appropriate feedback.

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“The insights gained from the whole suite, but in particular of the Context Based 360° Leadership Assessment was powerful and allowed us to develop our existing leaders to a significantly better level of effectiveness.”

James Clements

CEO, Cullman Regional Medical Center

What does Context Based 360° measure?

While there are a number of things measured by traditional 360°s, ExecuSmart focuses on specific leader behaviors and styles that have been validated in leadership research.

The c360° refines these measures to assure their developmental insight and predictive power. It consistently demonstrates powerful reliability, validity, and, in particular, the predictive validity of the following leadership styles and behaviors:

Directive Leadership
Leader behaviors:

Transactional Leadership
Leader behaviors:

Transformational Leadership
Leader behaviors:

Empowering Leadership
Leader behaviors:

Cullman Regional Medical Center is a small hospital in Northern Alabama which found itself in some financial difficulty and in the need of new leadership, so a new CEO was hired.

They engaged EAI in the development of data for all leaders across the organization, some culture change activities including basic cultural targets, as well as competency model-building to understand the business and leadership need.

Beyond financial performance, the hospital’s quality performance has improved substantially. Massive improvement in EBITDA margin, 26%, along with substantial changes in the mortality rate (28%), and overall clinical quality.

CEO James Clements attributes part of the success of the effort to the insight gained from the c360°.

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