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ExecuSmart provides organizations with a unique competitive advantage: better data, leading to better decisions, leading to better people.

ExecuSmart tools are created by the Executive Assessment Institute, a leader in the field of human capital analytics, founded in 1996.

The EAI’s mission is to create and deliver intelligent data-driven talent management tools and services, ultimately enhancing an organization’s financial performance.

Using ExecuSmart tools will provide you and your organization with top-level industry-proven assessments, resulting in better analytic data to achieve the greatest return from your human capital.

ACE Data-Driven Coaching
Assessment, Coaching, & Evaluation.

Organizational coaching helps identify strengths and weaknesses in an organization, and then leverage the development of both to increase achievement of an organization’s goals. It creates a systemic framework for individualized development in order to improve organization effectiveness.

It is the process of giving feedback to maintain and improve individual and organizational performance and must be based on sound quantitative and qualitative assessment. It is designed to maximize employee strengths, minimize weaknesses, and is an important part of leadership development and succession planning.

After six to twelve months of coaching with a masters or doctoral level coach, firms reported a 570% ROI on coaching with executives that received the coaching (an $18,000 investment resulted in an average of $108,000 productive return.)


A coach can use assessment, inquiry, reflection, requests and discussion to help clients identify business and personal goals, develop strategies, relationships and action plans intended to achieve those goals. They provide a place for clients to be held accountable to themselves by monitoring the clients' progress towards established goals. Coaches individualize a plan to best suit the client's needs, environment, and relationships, while teaching specific insights and skills to empower the client toward their goals. Coaches act as a mirror for clients by sharing outside and unbiased perspectives.

What's the Difference?

Traditional Coaching Method

ACE Coaching Method

The Assessment, Coaching, and Evaluation Process:

Leader Assessment

Respondent Debrief

ACE Orientation

Coaching Engagement

Coaching Evaluation

The ACE Coaching Steps:

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Progress Review

After the coaching has been completed, the agency “checks in” with the firm and coachee to evaluate change. Were we succesful?

Coaching Closing
and Evaluation

Formally close the engagement, re-negotiate additional effort, or identify means to reinforce development; creating an end point. What is being developed?

Periodic Quality

The coaching agency and ther firm review the coaching progress to ensure quality and change. Engagement is adjusted as necessary in writing. Assess, action, and measure for improvement.

Engage in

Coach creates an engagement timeline and development plan to improve organizational effectiveness. Stakeholders agree to actively support coaching effort. Reinforced Commitment.

Select a Coach
and Contracting

EAI and the firm selects coaches for very specific development engagements. Clear goals are prepared. Contracts between individual coaches and coachees are developed. Fit is key.


Assessment experts provide initial debrief of coachee assessment results. Primary goal is basic feedback. Specific protocols to address issues are suggested. Coaching and other options are discussed. Direct, but compassionate review.

Create a
Diagnostic Summary

Assessment experts create a report of assessment results and provide a confidential summary for the sponsor, talent staff, coachee, and potential coaches. Specific and meaningful.

Assess Coaching

The firm, with assessment experts, uses quantitative and qualitative data collection to identify issues and areas of improvement or development. Proven leadership assessments.

Determine the
Coaching Need

The firm determines that coaching is the appropriate development solution for leaders. The sponsor must be identified and accountable.

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